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At Belvedere,

We believe that it is vital you take the necessary action to protect your future and your loved ones while able to. This is why we offer financial advice on various protection areas, generating a plan to help prepare you for situations life can throw at you.

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Life Insurance

In life, we cannot always predict how events will unfold. We understand the need to see your family and loved ones catered for, to see them safe and secure. To mitigate the financial burden on your loved ones, we will address every aspect of your financial life reviewing your current coverage and making recommendations on any areas of concern within your finances, creating a plan to help financially prepare your loved ones when the time arises.

Critical illness

Life has many unprecedented events that we may not be financially prepared for, with critical illnesses being one of them. In an emergency health crisis and the case of a critical illness, we will help ensure you have prepared for the financial load that you may face, by advising you on what financial measures to implement to help plan for this. We will analyse your health history and then present plans for you to put in place, based on your requirements, if such an occurrence happens.

Income Protection

Is having your financial future and your family catered to one of your major concerns if you become unable to work? At Belvedere we will analyse your medical history and income to help you decide on the most suitable protection plan so that you don’t need to worry if you are without stable income.

Business Protection

Having bad days during your day-to-day business operations is inevitable. But losing a critical member of your business or running at a loss and bearing the effects all by yourself is something you do not have to handle alone. Let us help you and your business. We will analyse, with your help, the potentials risks of your business and advise you on the most suitable insurance plan to help prepare for any setbacks that may occur.

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