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Financial Planning & Advisory

At Belvedere,

We have an efficient team of financial advisers ready to provide you with advice to guide and support you in working towards achieving your personal financial goals in the most suitable way.

One area of your personal finances that we can advise you on is your investments; from pensions to GIA accounts, we are here to support you in understanding where to allocate your finances to help achieve your goals.

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The journey to financial independence can be exhilarating, but it can also be fraught with uncertainty. As the finish line approaches, we'll work hard to make your retirement an enjoyable one. We will help you pick the most suitable pension scheme and plan for you.

*See below for all risk warnings

Stocks and Shares ISAs

Investing into a Stocks and Shares ISA is a tax-efficient way to hold and grow your money. With this individual savings account the money you put in is invested into the stock market giving you the opportunity to increase the growth potential of your money without paying Capital Gains Tax or Income Tax. If you’re looking for a tax-efficient way to save and possibly grow your excess cash, we will help you compare and find the most suitable savings account for your needs.

*See below for all risk warnings

General Investment Account

Have you used up your ISA allowance for the year? Then getting a GIA may be a good option. Are you thinking, how can I make the best investment decisions? This is where we can help. Leave it to us to help you analyse and suggest the most suitable investment plan for you, shaped according to your risk profile and investment goal while still having it be tax efficient.  Whatever your goals are, with your cooperation, you can contact us to help deliver.

*See below for all risk warnings

Corporate Investment Account

As a business owner you can invest cash into collective investments with a corporate investment account, taking the inherent risk to potentially increase your company income in the same way individuals may decide to invest excess money to generate a better return. However, having company investments can impact your eligibility for Business Relief, and additionally, the tax on returns is dependent on both the accounting basis used by the company and the type of investment held. In this we will help you find the most suitable investment tailored to your needs and specific goals.

*See below for all risk warnings

Investment Bonds

Want a unique way to save in a tax efficient environment? Already utilising your pensions, ISA, and CGT allowances? Where appropriate, our financial advisers can help identify and suggest suitable, onshore or offshore, investment bonds specifically tailored to your risk profile and investment objectives.

*See below for all risk warnings

*Risk warnings: 

Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in the future. 

Please be aware that investments can put your capital at risk as there are inherent risks with investing due to the value of investments fluctuating over time.

Corporate investing can impact Business Relief, and tax on these returns is dependent on the accounting basis and the type of investment. - (In relation to Corporate Investment Accounts)

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